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Introducing ProdPro Analytics

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November 1, 2023

New TV/film market intelligence service empowers organizations across the industry to answer strategic questions and increase visibility into upcoming productions

New York, NY - ProdPro, the first production intelligence platform designed for businesses who service TV/film productions, today launched their latest product, Analytics–  a market intelligence tool purpose-built for businesses looking for better data on where physical production is heading, and how that impacts the studio and indie supply chains. The new product offers a dynamic dashboard to visualize the number of productions starting principal photography, production activity by shooting location, and aggregate trends on studio spending. Users can create custom reports in a drag-and-drop report builder and access a library of 50+ templates to kickstart analysis.

ProdPro was founded by Alexander LoVerde and Jeffrey Impey, serial entrepreneurs who previously started SyncOnSet, an Emmy-winning software platform for managing production that was acquired by Entertainment Partners in 2020. ProdPro was born out of the founders’ desire for a better way to run their business and increase sales to TV/film productions. ProdPro was initially incubated and funded by Overlook Partners, an investment and operating company the pair founded to explore and accelerate new ventures.

"Our mission is to create the tool we once yearned for in our past ventures—a platform offering clear insights into upcoming productions and data-driven guidance for informed decision-making," stated LoVerde, co-founder and CEO. Formerly at the helm of strategic partnerships at Entertainment Partners, the premier entertainment payroll company, LoVerde recognized a distinct industry gap. "Many firms focus on audience metrics, box office statistics, and content consumption. However, there's been a significant void for businesses and professionals directly involved in actual production processes."

Launched in April of 2022, ProdPro already has brought on dozens of leading industry suppliers as clients, including Hackman’s Manhattan Beach Studios, ARRI Rental Group, and visual effects firm Crafty Apes.

“We looked far and wide for a daily updated tracker on all projects worldwide for our CRM purposes, and nothing existed until ProdPro invented it. In the ever-evolving world of film and television, ProdPro's innovation has become an indispensable asset, fueling our operations with timely and actionable data.”

- Chris LeDoux, Co-Founder of Crafty Apes 

Launching this month, ProdPro Analytics is swiftly capturing the attention of production suppliers, top-tier studios, financial experts, and industry guilds. “Designing and developing the Analytics platform was more than just another initiative—it was a passion project for me. It's been a journey to solve a problem I deeply care about, and I'm thrilled to see the reaction it's getting with our community." remarks Jeffrey Impey, co-founder and COO, formerly leading sales operations at Entertainment Partners.

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