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About ProdPro
ProdPro is the only production intelligence platform that focuses on connecting the physical production ecosystem of the crew, vendors, and studios. Our expert in-house research is brought to life through the ProdPro platform, a dynamic suite of tools designed to help you never miss an opportunity.
connecting networks
Our mission
Connecting networks that make great content.
We are passionate about the complex ecosystem of physical production and connecting the fast-moving parts that go into making great content. We help crew, producers, and vendors to identify opportunities, set priorities, and connect with the right decision makers at the right time.
Our story
How we got started.
ProdPro was founded by the serial entrepreneurs and Emmy-winning co-founders of SyncOnSet Technologies, Jeff Impey and Alex LoVerde. A key part in turning SyncOnSet into an industry standard was the proactive sales operations and market insights they developed over 10 years building the business.

Throughout their time at SyncOnSet and Entertainment Partners (acquired SyncOnSet in 2020), Alex and Jeff always wanted a better solution for tracking opportunities and market insights. In 2022, they set out to build it. They began building a new technology platform and hiring expert researchers to bring another world-class service to the industry. In May of 2022, ProdPro acquired Marta Brennan’s Production Alert, a weekly production listing service that had been a trusted source for over a decade by union members and key industry suppliers.

got started
Partner with us
Let’s do great things together.
ProdPro partners with labor unions, guilds, talent agencies, production companies, and vendors. From collaborating on market research initiatives to spotlighting the latest trends in our market, we’re always looking at new partnership opportunities.
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